Graph 1

Characterisation of Companies / Institutions

Graph 2

Characterisation of Companies / Institutions

Graph 3

Awareness of Requirements of the Law of Occupational Health and Occupational Safety

Graph 4

Companies` Working Conditions Compliance with the Law of Occupational Health and Safety

Graph 5

Inspection of the Estonian Labour Inspection. Results of Inspection of the Estonian National Labour Inspection

Graph 6

The Importance of Working Environment for Company

Graph 7

Existence of a Plan of Activities to Improve Working Conditions

Graph 8

Consideration of Proposals Made by Employees

Graph 9

Comparison of Working Environment with the Other Companies in Estonia in the Same Field

Graph 10

Assessments to Different Sides of Companies` Working Environment

Graph 11

Employees` Risk to Impair Their Health at Work

Graph 12

Factors that Endanger Employees` Health

Graph 13

Employees` Sickness as a Problem

Graph 14

Evaluation of Economical Loss Caused by Sicknesses

Graph 15

Appearance of Work Related Accidents During the Last 3 Months. Reasons of work related accidents.

Graph 16

Expenditures Made for Employees During the Last Year

Graph 17

Expenditures on Improvements of Working Environment (millions EEK)

Graph 18

Sums Spent on Employees` Health-related Risk Factors (millions EEK)

Graph 19

Assessments to the Importance of Working Environment and Health-related Expenditures

Graph 20

Factors that Need Improvements in Working Environment

Graph 21

In the company . . .

Graph 22

Assessments to Corresponding Occupation / Person Efficiency

Graph 23

Inclusion of Occupational Health Service or -Specialist into Working Condition Analysis

Graph 24

In What Field Occupational Health Service / Specialist has Helped

Graph 25

Distribution of Inhabitants Occupied with Work Among Companies with Different Field of Activities

Graph 26

How Many Employees Work for Your Company / Institution ?

Graph 27

How Satisfied are You with Different Sides of Your Working Environment ?

Graph 28

Assessments to Company` s Working Environment Different Sides

Graph 29

Factors That have Caused Mental Stress

Graph 30

Employees` Risk to Impair Their Health at Work

Graph 31

Factors that Endanger Employees` Health

Graph 32

Expected Changes in Working Environment

Graph 33

Paying Attention to Working Conditions

Graph 34

Exploitation of Arrangements for Improvement of Working Conditions

Graph 35

Assessments to Importance of Different Arrangements

Graph 36

Existence of Working Environment Representative, who Represents Employees` Interests

Graph 37

To Whom Usually Employees Turn with Their Problems