Diploma Study (3 years)



Diploma level study course in ergonomics and working environment safety was established in Estonian Agricultural University in 1998. Yearly admittance is 12 students. Today there is a lack of specialists in Estonia with education in the field of working environment and ergonomics. The posts in this field are mostly occupied by engineers of different specialities who have passed respective training courses.

The objectives of the study programme are to provide education and training at the diploma level in general area of working environment safety and ergonomics.

Entry to the diploma level programme is open to those who have graduated from high school or high technical school.

The study programme aims to be rather interdisciplinary within the different fields of engineering, reflecting both similarities and differences in the safety of working environment in industrial, agricultural, building etc. engineering.

The programme can be taken on full time basis or in correspondent form.

Study language is Estonian.

A professional ergonomist can work for production sector, personnel departments, design departments, training institutions and advisory service.



1. General Subjects (10.5 CP)

2. Economy Subjects (8.5 CP)

3. Engineering Subjects (53 CP)

4. Ergonomics and Working Environment Safety (31.5 CP)

5. Optional Subjects (8.5 CP).

6. Graduation Work (8.0 CP)

Total 120 CP*

* The Credit Point (CP) means ca 1 week of study, ca 20 hours of auditorial or tutorial work.


Estonian Agricultural University

Faculty of Agricultural Engineering

Department of Agricultural Machinery

51014 Kreutzwaldi 56

Tartu Estonia

Phone: 3727 313 309

Fax 3727 313 334


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