International workshop

Kopli 101, Tallinn

Tallinna Tehnikaülikool

The Faculty of Economics of Tallinn Technical University

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7 km from the centre of the city, trams 1, 2

7 km from the port, taxi 15 min, EEK 90 (USD 6)

8 km from the hotel Olümpia, 0.8 km to trams 1, 2 or taxi 18 min, EEK 90


Tallinn abounds in currency exchange bureaux.

It is our pleasure to invite you to wonderful and exciting Tallinn for an international ergonomics workshop "Possibilities of ergonomics in solving the problems of safety", April 14, 2000, in Tallinn Technical University. Ergonomics has 35 years of tradition in Estonia (University of Tartu, Laboratory of Work Physiology and Psychology of Estonian Light Industry Ministry). We planned themes of essential practical importance and invited internationally recognized speakers from Estonia, Finland and Norway to inform about the frontiers of knowledge in their particular fields of science. We are also interested in problems of practical importance. Finally we hope that you will use your visit to know Tallinn, its history and culture better.


The aims of the workshop


11.00. Opening the workshop. Prof A. Purju, Dean of the Faculty of Economics of Tallinn Technical University.

11.00. Search of ideas and strategies of practical activity in ergonomics and safety. Assoc Prof Ü. Kristjuhan, Tallinn Technical University.

11.15. The problems of ergonomics definition. Prof C.-H. Nygård, Tampere University.

11.30. Topical problems of risk assessment on the basis of Estonian rules.Dr O. Rein, ESMED Medical Centre.

11.45. Economical problems of occupational safety and health. Assoc Prof P. Tint,Tallinn Technical University, Dr. O. Rein, ESMED Medical Centre.

12.00-12.15. Coffee.

12.15. How to develop the best quality of working environment of a Norwegian company. K. Berget, H. Martinsen, Company for improving work environment Telenor, Norway.

12.30. Knowledge management in organizational networks for improving work environment. E. Mäki, Helsinki Technological University.

12.45. Risk factors at computer work. Ass Prof H. Taal, Tallinn Technical University.

13.00. Search of information in ergonomics and safety on Internet. Dr V. Siirak, Tallinn Technical University.

13.15-13.30. Coffee, box of ideas.

13.45. Workplace ergonomics. Assoc Prof L. Roosimölder, Tallinn Technical University.

14.00. Scenarios of developing occupational safety. Assoc Prof I. Liiv, Institute of Economic Law and Politics.

14.15. Human factors as causes of accidents. Dr V. Siirak, Tallinn Technical University.

14.30. Natural radiation fields. Assoc Prof V. Viljasoo, University of Tartu

14.45. Summarizing the workshop. Ü. Kristjuhan, C.-H. Nygård.

15.00.-15.30. Coffee, wine.

The workshop is in Estonian and English, but translation is organized. We are very interested in complicated problems of employers in Nordic countries.

The workshop fee is USD 60 or FIM 400 (lecturers are free). It is possible to pay in Tallinn before the workshop. Please inform us about participation by 5 April 2000.

Information (all questions, including entertainment programmes): +372 620 3960 or fax +372 620 3953 or email

Assoc Prof Ülo Kristjuhan